19 mar 2013

DIY= Design It Yourself

INSIDE-OUT, a floor lamp kids can decorate on both the inside and the outside


Kids art gift wrap


This DIY Color In Wallpaper is covered in cute Burgerman monsters (created by the illustrator Jon Burgerman) that are ready and waiting to be colored in

Doodle chair, made from recycled cardboard, it is super lightweight, yet still manage to remain durable and will hold up to 200 pounds. Best of all, the design is reversible, so both sides can be doodled on.


Pillows embroidered with children's drawings by Lydia Shirreff


Plates drawing

Your sons are artists and your house is full of their drawings? Give life to all those works of art and turns their pictures into decorative elements thanks to My little big artist.
You can transform their drawings into dolls, paintings, textiles, carpets, wallpaper....

                                     showcase some of his sketches  on a duvet cover

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